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Statement by President Jacob Zuma on the appointment of Commissioners to the National Planning Commission; Presidential Guesthouse, Pretoria

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Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe
Minister Trevor Manuel,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the media,

Lastyear we announced that the new administration would do thingsdifferently and would work consistently to change the way governmentworks, in order to improve service delivery.

Akey aspect of this exercise was to introduce effective planning as wellas monitoring and evaluation capacity in the Presidency, to guide thesefunctions in government.

Today we are pleased toannounce the names of the members of the National Planning Commission,who are tasked with producing a national development plan anddevelopment vision statement for the country.

TheCommission, assisted by a full-time secretariat will developwell-researched, evidence-based proposals, cutting across the threespheres of government and across ministries and departments.

Theywill produce reports on a range of issues that impact on our long termdevelopment, such as water security, climate change, food security,energy security, infrastructure planning, human resource development,defence and security matters, the structure of the economy, spatialplanning, demographic trends and so forth.

Whileeach of these areas of work relate to an aspect of government¡¦s work,the Commission is asked to take an independent, cross-cutting, criticaland long term view of these issues.

Thisexercise will enable us to make government¡¦s policies and plans aremore coherent and focused on achieving the type of society that we allenvisage.

The revised green paper on the National Planning Commission sets out the roles and responsibilities of this Commission.

Members of the commission represent various areas of expertise and reflect a diversity of experiences and perspectives.

The Commissioners are appointed in their personal capacities and do not represent any organisation or stakeholder.


Minister Trevor Manuel will chair the Commission and feed its work into Cabinet and government in general.

The Deputy Chairperson will be Cyril Ramaphosa.

The other members of the Commission are as follows:

- Bobby Godsell
- Elias Masilela
- Jerry Vilakazi
- Noluthando Gosa
- Jennifer Molwantwa
- Mike Muller
- Miriam Altman
- Chris Malikane
- Vivienne Taylor
- Marcus Balintulo
- Vuyokazi Mahlati
- Malekgapuru Makgoba
- Joel Netshitenzhe
- Anton Eberhard
- Bridgette Gasa
- Tandabantu Goba
- Phillip Harrison
- Ihron Rensburg
- Jerry Coovadia
- Karl von Holdt
- Mohammad Karaan
- Tasneem Essop
- Pascal Moloi
- Vincent Maphai

These individuals bring a broad range of expertise to the work of the Commission.
Thisincludes expertise on finance, industry, telecommunications,biotechnology, water engineering, rural development, governance,energy, education, health, food security, and climate change, amongothers.
The work of the Commission will commence immediately.

The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for 10 and 11 May 2010 and will report on an ongoing basis to Cabinet.

Wecongratulate these men and women and wish them all the best in theirwork as they guide the country towards sustainable development andprosperity.

They are assured of our full support as government.

Weurge all key sectors in the country to support their work as well as toensure an improvement in the quality of life, especially of the poorand marginalised.

We also wish to thank thosemembers of the public who made nominations and to those who volunteeredtheir services to the country.


Our monitoring and evaluation function in the Presidency is also functional.

Central to this is the conclusion of performance agreements with Ministers.

The Deputy President and I spent yesterday meeting with Ministers individually to discuss and sign their performance agreements.

We will continue the exercise today until we conclude the process with all 34 Ministers.

TheMinisters will cascade these agreements to their Deputies andDirectors-General to ensure the entire government reads from one scriptwith regards to what is expected during this term.

We are convinced that our vision of changing the way government works will truly yield results.

I thank you.