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Call to vote message by President Cyril Ramaphosa

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Fellow South Africans,
Tomorrow, on Monday the 1st of November, we will all go to the polls to elect our local government representatives.
I call on each and every South African who is registered to vote to go out tomorrow and vote for the candidate and the party of your choice.
Your vote counts. Every single vote counts.
With your vote you are building a better South Africa.
A South Africa with strong, well-run and effective municipalities that can improve the lives of every citizen.
Local government elections are about the issues that matter most to all of us: such as housing, electricity, water, sanitation and decent roads.
We all want to get better services.
We all want to have decent, sustainable work.
We all want to see our businesses grow and for our communities to thrive.
This can only happen if local government is strong.
With your vote you are exercising your constitutional responsibility as a citizen to build our democracy.
Remember to visit the voting station in the ward where you are registered and to take your ID with you.
Voting is open from 7am to 9pm.
You can also make a difference by visiting one of the hundreds of COVID-19 vaccination stations that will be in operation at voting stations around the country.
So I ask you to go out and vote tomorrow and let’s build South Africa together.
I thank you.