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Appointment of a service provider to Facilitate and Manage Travelling Services for The Presidency for a period of three years.
BID NUMBER:                                            PO: 2021/22:001
CLOSING:                                                   15 OCTOBER 2021
TIME:                                                           11:00 AM VALIDITY PERIOD:   150 DAYS
DATE:                                                           04 OCTOBER 2021
TIME:                                                            12:00 PM
VENUE:                                                        Microsoft Teams (Virtual) - Click here to join the meeting
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, interested bidders are required to connect on the meeting link provided on the bid document, eTender portal and The Presidency website under Tenders.

Dear Bidder

Note the amendment on the bid document under evaluation phase 5: 20.5 Only bidders that have met above 80 points threshold in phase 4 will be evaluated in phase 5 for price and BBBEE.

Removal of 24.2 read as follows “Certified copies of the above certificates as well as a letter of “good   standing” shall be submitted together with the Bidders’ response to this Request for Proposals (RFP)”.